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  02 de Febrero de 2023
  Salesianos students of Middle Grade Formative Course of Machining visit our facilities.
After a few years without visits due to the pandemic, the students of the Mechanization Intermediate Grade of the Salesianos de Monzón school have visited us again, where they have had a talk with the company managers and later a visit to our facilities.

The visit consisted of an explanation of the complex operating process of a company from the different departments of Casmar. It was carried out includes more techniques related to the metal sector: design and manufacturing process (traceability, plans, welding and painting processes...), good environmental practices, prevention and safety regulations, operation of machinery.

They were also explained the importance of accessing the labor market and the great need to obtain qualified and specialized personnel in the Cinca Medio region. One of our objectives is to promote the insertion of qualified young personnel without experience in the metal sector as much as possible.

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