Casmar Group Machinery and Tools


-Brakes: 1 Tandem of 2 DURMA brakes of 8 mts each one with a capacity of 16mts and 1.600 Tm of bending capacity of 16 mt y 1.600 Tn power. -1 brake of 6mts.-1 brake of 3mts.


- High definition plasma with a cut area of 20x3 metros. Capacity of thickness cutting of 30mm. LANTEK cutting software programed through wi-fi.



- Guillotine: 3 equipments with a cutting capacity of 12mm thickness and 4mts length.



- Bending rolls, where are processed plates from 1mts to 3mts of width. Diameters achieved are from 140mm. Maximum strength bended 40mm of thickness.



- Bending beams; which bends any kind of beam or billet till 100mm of width.


CN Punch Press:

- CN punch press 2 machines with capacity of 20mm of thickness.

Welding Equipment:

- Welding Equipment; Besides the individual welding machines, we have a Machined SAW welding.

Automatic Blasting Machine:

- Automatic Shotblast machine; blasting chamber of 15x3,5x3,5 mts which can work on beams and pieces of big sizes.

Painting Section:

- Into the painting section is where we execute the final work of the surface treatment, whatever the quality of materials or thicknesses of plates.

Lifting Equipments:

- Lifting Equipments, we have 8 lifting bridges of 10 tns, 2 of 6.3 tns and another of 4 tns. 1 rotary crane, a telescopic handler and a diesel forklift.

3 automatic saw for cutting a wide range of profiles

Mill and Lathe

drilling machine

Geka Punch Press:

- Geka Punch Press with CNC table.

Beam Drilling Machine

Surface Treatment Zone:

- We have an exclusive warehouse for the surface treatment. Automatic Blasting and painting, where we can load on trucks the final products.

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