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This activity implies the manufacture of all kind of structures and its erection on site. We also make the installation of industrial machinery and equipment. Structures for boilers, aero-refrigerators, pumping stations or heat exchangers. We can construct and erect a wide range of structures according to our customers’ requirements. We can do that following the rules, drawings and projects of our customers or it can be based in projects of our technical Office. We are used to install all kind of pipping from carbón Steel and stainless Steel to plastic materials (PVC, PP… etc). We also work with pipes of specific alloys (P11 and P22 for instance).

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BOILER MAKING: Manufacturing of:;

  • Wide range of vessels.
  • Reactors.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Gas tanks.
  • Ducts and piping (all diameters).
  • Machining and grinding

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to complete all the services CASMAR can provide and we have already described, Industrial maintenance provides to our customers with a professional and highly qualified personal who repairs all kind of machinery, vessels, structures or any other need we are required. We develop these tasks daily in companies of our surroundings and when it is necessary we can go to any place into Spain where our clients have a quick and efficient service.

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